Since stonic established in 1967 Daejeon city , Korea,
Its motto as creativity rolling out as cornerstone keeps our
company strong and resilient to challenge for the satisfaction, the profitability, the productivity, the adaptability, the divirsity , which our customers need to run shop successfully.
we know there is No way to get through this performance without devotion and pride of our employee.
We understand the value, the trust , the credibility should come
along each machine whenever manufacturing even needless to say the best quality.
We are very proud of having vast range of products line from kee type of milling machine , BED type, Ram type up to now column moving planer type machine for heavy metal processing industry.
Each of them brags the flawless accuracy, powerful strength, durability in the way no one get you same feeling like us.
We do see and ensure our destiny to become a leading manufacturer in this business field and will be renowned to over the world within short period of time .

President     Jeong Soon Kim